In this informative white paper you'll find insight into: 
  • What are scopes?
  • What is a vectorscope?
  • What is a video waveform monitor?
  • Original video waveform monitor labeling
  • Digital video levels
  • Challenges to match black levels between analog and digital
  • Traditional labeling in a hybrid environment
  • Presenting the NewTek new graticule
  • Best camera connection and basic settings
  • How to match cameras with new scopes from NewTek

Signal Monitoring: Why and How Scopes Make the Difference

Professional video expert and tech journalist, Allan Tépper takes an in-depth look at the science of signal monitoring and innovative breakthroughs in video scope technology.

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Signal Monitoring
White Paper

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"For the past few decades, I have dealt with professional audio/video production equipment, systems, and workflows. I have always been passionately focused on maintaining the highest possible quality and consistency, while simplifying workflows and adhering to standards. Starting with the dawn of affordable digital video (consumer, prosumer, and professional) I began consulting clients and readers about the challenges of maintaining proper black video levels, especially when transferring video between the analog and digital video worlds. This issue is still as important as ever, and the same confusion arises when measuring black video levels. I am so happy that NewTek has now implemented a unique method of displaying video levels, and that’s why I proposed this White Paper to NewTek." - Allan Tépper

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